Grandioso: A Story of Love and Life

FullSizeRender (1)I am so honored to announce that my brilliant Mama has published her first novel, Grandioso: A Story of Love and Life, on It’s a heartfelt and uplifting story about an enduring love, and I’m so proud of her for sharing it with the world. Everything she does is born in love and this book is truly a work of (he)art. I am profoundly inspired by and in awe of her, more than I could ever say… My Mama is the finest, most fearless, authentic and courageously original person I know. She reminds me every day how to live and write boldly, bravely, and most of all, to always be true to myself. I am so blessed and proud to be her daughter.

I hope you will check it out here and share it with your loved ones.

With appreciation,


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